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September 2021
Brand identity
Brand design
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Barotec - Turning ambitious ideas into efficient solutions.

There are plenty of people in branding that peach niching down. That a company can’t be for “everybody”. Barotec is one of those companies that has hundreds of skills and can service just about every problem within the industrial industry.

So how do you position a business that does so much? You make it perfectly clear what their services are and what people can get from them and position all of their employees as experts in their respective fields.

Barotec is a business of many services with experts in each field. We loved working on their strategy and identity, bringing it to life through their brand new website.

Turning ambitious ideas into efficient solutions.

During one of our very first workshops, business owner Kris explained how he always calls himself too stubborn to turn down projects because he feels like he can help everybody. It was the inspiration for their brand tagline, focusing on how they can service the most ambitious projects and turn it into efficient solutions for their business.