In collaboration with MySueño
The Korok brand was built together with Mysueño, a sports marketing collective based in Belgium focused on building strong, no nonsense marketing strategies for sports brands.

The project

May 2021
Brand Strategy
Brand identity
Brand design
We take hockey very seriously. Ourselves? Not so much.
Korok is more than a Hockey gear company. We created a brand that serves as daily reminder to enjoy life and express yourself through your sport and gear.

Imagine a world where everybody gets to experience hockey the way they want to. To become part of something bigger than just their team or group of friends.

Too often in today’s world, people get so caught up with results and getting better at what they do, that they forget to live in the moment and enjoy what they are doing. We believe that through self expression and a welcoming community we can help people remember what hockey is all about: “To enjoy every moment on and off the field.”
Laura nunnink

To have hockey players from all over the world experience the joy of the sport.

It’s a clear goal, Korok is meant to be accessible to all and welcoming to anybody that wants to join the community.

Their users are the center of their universe. All of the brand’s decisions and products are co-created with them.

From extensive product testing and design feedback, all the way to the welcoming community they will be a part of.