Sam Caron

Sam Caron

5 reasons why you need a brand style guide

First of all, what is a style guide? It’s a document that outlines everything you need to communicate your brand professionally and consistently

It is usually the last thing a business receives in the process of branding and shows guidelines for all your branding elements.

For example, It shows the story of the brand, how the logo was created and how to use it, what the brand colors are, the typography, picture style, and branding graphics like patterns or icons to use.

So why invest in a style guide? Isn’t having your logo and your colors decided enough?

1. It establishes recognition and consistency

If you follow a style guide correctly, it will make sure you stay consistent through all brand touchpoints (how people come in contact with your brand).

It is only through this consistency that people will end up recognizing and memorizing your brand.

2. It eliminates confusion

In a company, there is always a lot of different personal preference In the employees and management.

What a style guide can do is lay out the rules so you’ll never have to look at a design twice. If the style guide says you can do it, go ahead.

3. Outsourcing design

If the original designer that created your brand is not available for work, you can contact somebody else and hand them the brand style guide.

An experienced designer should know exactly what to look for in the guide so you as a brand can have confidence that the designs will match the brand identity perfectly.

4. It increases your value

A brand that is always consistent and cohesive will be valued a lot higher than one that does not have a clear direction.

5. It keeps you motivated

An extensive style guide includes your brand story as well. It’s always a good idea to read the style guide once in a while to remind yourself of the beautiful business you’ve build.

Take a step back and remind yourself why you started your business in the first place.


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