Sam Caron

Sam Caron

How to build trust as a brand

What is the one thing that turns a customer from potential to converting?


Without trust, money never parts. 

With this in mind, let’s discuss 5 ways to gain the trust of potential customers, and help your business start converting today!

1. Availability

Your brand should be available both physically, and mentally. Be easy to find, and easy to remember. 

Operate on multiple channels to give customers the best possible chance of finding you, and make yourself memorable. Align your branding across platforms and make yourself available to reach, with ease.

2. Content Creation

Your content should be valuable to your audience. Always.

When you create content you should do so with one thing in mind: Solutions. Solve your customer’s problems and appeal to their needs. See, creating content that helps people improve their lives instantly puts you in demand. 

Everyone wants a better life, so be that person that helps.

3. Relationships

Interaction is key when building trust. Having a connection with your audience is immensley important, especially when trying to encourage conversions. 

Make use of DMs and replies, they’re the number one way to build customer relationships online. Personal connections are made through DM’s and they’re by far the best.

Your brand should be a friend to your customers. A safe place for them to come to and feel understood.

4. Don’t be perfect

If you recieve negative feedback, don’t hide or cover it up. 

A lot can be said about a business based entirely on the way they handle negative public feedback. Is it with grace, humour, or salt?

Don’t be salty about it. Too much salt ruins a good meal.

It’s hard to relate with a “perfect” brand. Nobody is perfect, so who can relate with it? Nobody. 

A suspiciously perfect brand brings about more skepticism than it does admiration. Show your rough edges, and be proud of your imperfections. It works infinitely better than being a brand with a “pristine” image.

5. Customer Service

Be reachable; Be helpful; Be supportive.

That’s the customer service trifecta. 

Having customer service available on social media is without a doubt THE BEST strategy for complaints and help. 

It’s easy to reach, improves engagement online, and allows you to respond to customer queries quickly, and efficiently.

Plus, by answering questions publicly you may help multiple cases. Answer FAQs publicly and you provide value to the customer – sounds similar to a point we discussed earlier, huh?

Final Note

Trust is derived from kindness. 

If you’re good to your customers, they will be good to you. Professional karma is real, and it’s only growing stronger.

The more you give to your customers, the more you receive because, at the end of the day, a transaction is a two way street.

Nobody parts with their money unless they trust the other party. So, if you didn’t understand the absolute importance of building trust already, I sure hope you do now.

Trust builds businesses.


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