The project

August 2020
Brand design
Brethren - Heavenly cocktails

This cocktail bar concept was a case study by Rob Meyerson, brand strategist and owner of Californian brand consulting firm. 

He reached out to me to create a brand identity fitting for this project.

The cocktail bar is built inside a church and is looking for a way to cope with the Corona lockdown. For them, it is the ideal time to both work on their brand identity and have an offering for cocktail lovers at home as long as they can’t physically come to the bar.

They wanted a fun, yet classy brand design with a referral to the church it was built in.

We came up with a fun, colourful identity and a packaging idea for the Brethren cocktail club.

Bible story inspired cocktail drinks.

We came up with this fun idea of having the packaging for the cocktail bottles all be personalized from a bible story. “Mary” would be a bloody Mary. Theudas would be a Long Island Ice tea. We integrated the brand colours and pattern in the design as well. Check out the bottle design below.