The project

July 2020
Brand stategy
Brand design
Social Media
Sales design
H&RMONIZE - Align Human & Results
H&RMONIZE is a HR consultancy agency ready to transform the landscape of HR in Belgium. Co-founder Conny has more than 30 years of experience working for bigger companies optimising and transforming their HR department.  They came to us, looking for a way to effectively translate their concept towards the market and defining who they will target and how to effectively structure communication.

Unlike a common mindset, H&RMONIZE does not see HR as a cost for a company but as an opportunity for growth. They combine the nurturing of a business’ talent with cold hard facts & figures. 

Combining both through effective processes is how they will grow businesses. We wanted

We came up with a confident, vibrant and business-minded personality that perfectly reflects their beliefs and differentiator.

The brand name represents how people and business results can live in perfect harmony when done right. We created an actionable tagline with a message towards all business owners. It’s time to start aligning people & results.

The world of HR as we know it, is about to change.

The main brand touchpoints of Sunkissed are their blog and social media. So we wanted to create shapes and colours that would really stand out on both. We developed templates for Elke to use on her Instagram to create stunning branded visuals and carousels for her audience to engage with.