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August 2020
Brand identity
Brand design
Social Media
Product Design
Sunkissed - Kidsproof trips

Sunkissed approached us to discuss a visual identity for their new brand.

Owner Elke had a dream to create an online community and place for parents that aren’t ready to stop living because they have children. Her goal is to share tips and reviews about everything parents and kid related.

After a discovery session, it became the clear who they wanted to target and what Sunkissed stands for. 

The aim to always be honest, friendly and build personal connections with the people they target. Their main audience was 25-35 year old moms looking for kids proof trips with kids.

We ended up with a sunset inspired S-shape logo full of circular shapes. With a friendly icon combined with a typeface perfect for the target audiecne, we created a memorable brand identity. 

Having kids is a reason to travel, not a reason to stop.

The main brand touchpoints of Sunkissed are their blog and social media. So we wanted to create shapes and colours that would really stand out on both. We developed templates for Elke to use on her Instagram to create stunning branded visuals and carousels for her audience to engage with.