The power of
brand archetypes

Are there certain brands you just feel like you connect with?

Brands that you will choose over others because you feel like you know them and are attracted to them?

Chances are, brand archetypes have something to do with it.

What are brand archetypes?

When you feel like you can really relate to a brand. It derives from you recognising and seeing certain human characteristics that you connect to as a person.

Which is why it is becoming increasingly important for brands to become more human.

It was psychologist Carl Jung who came up with the term brand archetypes to describe 12 types of personalities your brand can emulate based on the 12 core desires a human may have.

The Archetypes

Branding is done best when it is based on emotions. Which is why the 12 archetypes come forth from these 12 core desires humans have.

Here are the archetypes and the desire they are linked to

The Rebel – Liberation
The Magician – Power
The Hero – Mastery
The Lover – Intimacy
The Jester – Enjoyment
The Everyman – Belonging
The Caregiver – Service
The Ruler – Control
The Creator – Innovation
The Innocent – Safety
The Sage – Understanding
The Explorer – Freedom

Download the ultimate guide on brand archetypes

A 60 page e-book that dives deep into each and every brand archetype and helps you recognise your audience’s archetype as well as choose and develop your brand’s archetype.

  • 55 pages of in depth archetype explanation.
  • 12 High resolution moodboards for each archetype.

Design and messaging

Every brand archetype comes with design guidelines as well.

It is important to communicate as much of your personality as possible in both your messaging and design. 

The safety and friendliness of an innocent archetype or the wild accents and straightforward communication of a rebel archetype.

The Breathtaking typography of a magician archetype or the passionate color pallet of the lover archetype.

12 Archetype moodboards

These moodboards come in high resolution (300 dpi) with the purchase of the e-book.

I use these moodboards in client workshops myself. It gives your client an excellent idea of what to expect with every archetype and gives you something physical to work with.

I loved seeing the sparkle In my client’s eyes when they finally reached to pick up the explorer archetype moodboard knowing they have found their brand personality.

How to find your archetype?

When we decide on our brand archetype, there are 2 things we must keep in mind.

1. What archetype is your audience?
2. What role do you play in your audience’s life?

That second one is important because your audience doesn’t necessarily need the same archetype in their life to get to their goal.

Your audience will relate to the same characteristics as their archetype but think about this example:

If you are a jester and love having fun but you need to buy work boots, you’ll probably want to get something that is really safe and trustworthy. You might not be too attracted to another Jester brand in that case.

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