The project

August 2020
Brand identity
Brand design
Trackx - non profit organisation
Trackx helps people with a passion for travel who are looking for adventure and want to develop themselves as individuals. They offer unforgettable experiences and a community in which these people can thrive.

They offer education to these people to be able to work abroad while doing the activities they love. Positive attitude above all, they select based on attitude and not skillset.

The brand we went for is based on an adventurer and everyman archetype in which they want to be known for their adventurous spirit but also highly value the welcoming community they have created.

Helping people gain the skillset to do what they love while discovering the world.

Trackx is focused on attracting people with the right mindset and to help them develop themselves as individuals in order to travel the world and gain skillsets that will help them along their careers.